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How Would You Like to Be in Charge of This?

To be a competent Realist Painter it’s all about organization. Placement of tone; location of value is where it’s at all day, everyday. But imagine being the Maestro who’s job is putting this sculpture together then making sure it soars through the air! Great article by Jim Borden. The above is an image that depicts…

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Renaissance Science – VII — The Renaissance Mathematicus

EDITOR: Check out this amazing article power packed with spectacular info about the development of ‘linear perspective (which) is the geometrical method required to reproduce three-dimensional objects realistically on a two-dimensional surface’ during the Renaissance. The author is Rick Stryker, “an aging freak who fell in love with the history of science and now lives…

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The Anonymous Mystery Of A 3D Realism Genius

Anyone who paints with a broom you gotta love. This mysterious artist CRUSHES it using everyday locations to paint optical illusions that fool the eye and portraits that rack the brain with their beauty. Makes Bansky look like a total lightweight. He’s an artistic genius if there ever was one. But really, who is this…

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Hot Legs Picasso In Fishnets And High Heels?

Halloween 2018 – Kawasaki, Japan As a Western Judao-Christian Male I think I’m feeling a little bit oppressed here. Are these hot Asian Females trying to appropriate MY culture in a vulgar display of SEX and Western ART for FUN and PROFIT? Oh My God! I’m SO TRIGGERED!!! RACIST! RACIST! RACIST!.… The truth is this…

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The Rotting Rothschild Mansion Of Paris In Three Minutes

EDITORS NOTE: Really, YouTube? Hey, YouTube. I upload a video mocking the dilapidated Rothschild crap-hole mansion of Paris. I find a royalty free sardonic soundtrack to match. It get’s over a 1/4 million views and you can’t let it ride? You have to tag it with one of your ridiculous ‘information panels’? Like anyone is…

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